Does your organization have defined and documented processes for all operations? Is it succinct, visual, and accessible? Do they reflect the current reality? Standard Work is today’s standard for process documentation. It reflects the current, best-known way to operate. Even processes with high variation or involve significant creativity benefit greatly by standardizing those aspects of the work that can and should be performed consistently.

In this course, Mike Osterling enthusiastically teaches not only why standard work is important and the benefits to workers and an organization alike, but how to create it. Mike delves into using SDCA, Standardize-Do-Check-Act, as a model for developing new Standard Work. He also teaches how to introduce true continuous improvement into existing Standard Work mindsets. No matter where your organization is on the Standard Work spectrum, this course deepens the understanding and provides practical applications to reap the benefits of Standard Work.

What You’ll Learn

  • What Standard Work is
  • The benefits of Standard Work
  • Elements of well-designed and well-documented Standard Work
  • Various formats for documenting Standard Work
  • Methods for managing and improving Standard Work

What You’ll Earn

Knowledge. Respect. Credibility. Recognition.

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