A Note from Karen


Welcome to TKMG Academy!

In 2018, after 20+ years of consulting, teaching, and writing about business performance improvement, I noticed two growing problems.

First, educational offerings about how to achieve operational excellence and apply Lean thinking were often superficial or overly theoretical, and—in some cases—grossly inaccurate.

Second, much of the available content required people to commit to long learning cycles that didn’t include essential knowledge—and companies had to pay for content they didn’t want or need.

Individuals and organizations alike needed more flexible access to higher-quality content so they could experience greater success. The journey began.

After talking with prospective learners about their needs and preferences, exploring myriad ways to deliver content, and learning best practices for high-quality video production, we were thrilled to launch TKMG Academy in April 2020.

Today, learners and organizations in nearly 90 countries benefit from over 20 highly rated courses, annual subscriptions to our full library, and four flexible paths for obtaining the knowledge needed to build deep organizational capabilities.

We help organizations build top-performing work systems and cultures that bring joy to customers, internal teams, and shareholders. Yes, you can have it all.

Come learn with us.®

Better Learning, Better Results

The Academy offers flexible, self-paced learning that helps individuals, work teams, and entire organizations become more effective in improving performance and developing their people.

The content is developed and delivered by experts. Founder Karen Martin has the rare combination of scientific expertise, a master’s degree in education (adult learning), and deep experience as an operations leader and management consultant to organizations in nearly every industry.

Our instructors are recognized thought leaders and practitioners with extensive experience leading transformation and building high-performing cultures.

Have limited time? Each 1-2-hour course is divided into 5-10-minute microlearning lessons, a proven way to grasp and retain content more quickly and deeply. Downloadable worksheets, templates, and assessments help learners apply the content as they progress through the course.

Because no two learners or organizations have the same learning needs, we offer personalized support. We learn about your goals and suggest customized learning pathways to meet them. We’re here to support you.

Broad Range of Content & Access Options

Our course library provides up-to-date content from strategic thinking to tactical methods, leadership development to process and work system design, and from analytical methods to building an army of outstanding problem solvers. We launch a new course every 6-12 weeks.

Organizations choose from four flexible pathways that provide access to specific courses or our full course library—which meets the need for both structured learning programs and just-in-time learning.

Individual learners purchase specific courses or an annual subscription for unlimited access to our full course library.

Individual and team subscriptions include free access to the TKMG Academy Community of Practice, an engaging group that meets monthly to discuss a topic of their choice.

TKMG Academy speaks our language. It’s the best online delivery method I’ve come to find over the years.

— Sr Improvement Leader, Insurance Company

The instructors are engaging even via video—I love material that is presented passionately. Even as an experienced practitioner, I always learn something from the courses.

— Director, Performance Improvement, Health System

Only one word can define this course…. WOW! Very impressive compilation and presentation of a complex topic.

— Partner, Management Consulting Firm

A+ quality. Thoroughly impressive. The best content I’ve ever seen!

— Director, OpEx, Fortune 100 Distributor

Why TKMG Academy?

There are several online learning providers you can choose from. Here’s how we’re different.

Deep Experience

When we’re not producing courses, we’re in-demand coaches, consultants, and improvement leaders helping clients improve how they operate in real-world settings across the globe.

Expert Instruction

We’re experts in the science of learning and are known for producing consistent, high-quality content. Our format helps you achieve quicker, deeper learning and longer-term retention.

Flexible, Accessible, Reliable

You get 24/7 access to our full library, four ways to access it, and courses that never expire. Learners receive a formal certificate, Achievement badge, and verified digital credentials.

Our Logo Design

Over the past 30 years, our consulting arm has evolved from Martin & Associates, a sole proprietorship, to Karen Martin & Associates, an LLC, to The Karen Martin Group, a corporation.

In 2018, we initialized our name because TKMG, Inc. more accurately reflected our growing team. We sought a purposeful logo that visually represented the principles we believe in and are central to the work we do. This video explains our design process.

When we launched TKMG Academy, Inc. we decided to use the same flow-based logo for consistency.