Taking Courses

1. How do I access the courses I’ve purchased?

For each course you purchase, you’ll receive an email invitation from TKMG Academy that contains an access link to our learning platform. The first time you access a course, you’ll be asked to create a password.

If you don’t receive an email with the course access link within a few minutes of purchasing a course, please check your spam or junk folder. To prevent this in the future, add the domain tkmgacademy.com to your safe senders list.

Unlimited lifetime access to courses you’ve purchased individually or with a prepaid license never expires, unless you violate our Terms of Use and we revoke access. TKMG Academy subscribers maintain unlimited access to our full course library for the duration of their subscription.

2. How are the courses structured?

A course takes 45-75 minutes to watch continuously. In some courses, we suggest that the learner pause the video and reflect, complete a worksheet, or perform an activity. Courses are broken into easy-to-digest lessons, each lasting 4-10 minutes.

Real-life instructors with deep experience teach on camera and animation is used to deepen learning for key concepts. Closed captioned lessons are also available, indicated with (CC) on the lesson list in the Course Player.

At the end of each lesson, a learner may choose to take or skip a quiz that’s designed to offer immediate feedback about learning progress. Those learners who wish to receive a Certificate of Completion and an Achievement Badge, must take the final exam at the end of the course and pass with a 70% score or greater.

Downloadable materials are available for most courses by clicking Resources on the Course Player.

3. How long do I have access to the courses I’ve purchased?

When purchased individually or with a prepaid license, unlimited lifetime access to TKMG Academy’s courses never expire unless you violate our Terms of Use and we revoke access. Our lifetime access policy allows you to return to the content should you need to review a concept or refresh your learning.

TKMG Academy subscribers have unlimited access to our full course library for the duration of their subscriptions.

4. Should I take the courses in a specific order?

Not necessarily. Due to the nature of the knowledge and skills needed to lead successful improvement and organizational transformation, we don’t believe there’s a single beginning point. Nor do we believe there are clear beginning, intermediate, and advanced topics. After all, in some organizations, helping an organization adopt some of the most basic concepts can sometimes require advanced facilitation and change management experience. Similarly, in some environments, seemingly advanced management principles and practices may be easier for leaders to embrace than the fundamentals.

Acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to improve processes and transform organizations similar to putting a jigsaw puzzle together. With continued learning and application practice, leaders and improvement professionals build deeper and deeper competence.

5. How often will new courses be released?

We release new courses every 6-10 weeks. Subscribe to our list and connect with us on social media to be the first to know when a new course is available. The In Development courses are typically released within three months of appearing on our site.

6. Where do I get the downloads the instructor referenced?

There are two ways to access the downloadable course materials that are available. Both require the learner to be logged into the Course Player:

  • On the course page – Click the Handouts icon below the image to access the links to all handouts for that course.
  • On the video player – Links to the handouts introduced in each lesson also appear below the lesson video.
7. Are the quizzes and final exams mandatory?

The quizzes after each lesson are not mandatory. We provide them as a courtesy for those who’d like to assess their learning progress along the way. To receive a certificate of completion and achievement badge, learners must take the final exam and receive a score of at least 70%.

8. How do I provide feedback about a course or instructor?

We are eager to receive feedback and there are two ways to provide it. The first is by taking the Course Feedback survey located after the Final Exam at the end of each course’s lesson list. The second is to send an email to feedback@tkmgacademy.com.

9. How do I suggest a course I’d like to see or a topic I’d like to learn about?

We definitely want to hear from you! You may suggest additional courses or topics in the Course Feedback survey at the end of each course—or by sending an email to feedback@tkmgacademy.com.

10. Does TKMG Academy offer courses in different languages?

We are currently working on translating our courses so we can include foreign language subtitles. Currently, all of our courses are available with closed captioning, which provides English subtitles to help people learn in environments where it’s difficult to have sound playing—and to deepen learning for those whose native language isn’t English.

To view the lesson with closed captioning, click the (CC) button on the bottom of the video player.

11. What are we allowed to do with the course content and supplementary materials?

Please refer to our Terms of Use to learn about what you’re prohibited from doing with our Licensed Content (videos and supplementary materials).

These are the allowable uses:

  1. We encourage learners to verbally share what they’ve learned with any and all parties.
  2. You may include screen captures of Licensed Content in training materials provided that they include the TKMG Academy logo and/or a separate attribution, such as “Courtesy of TKMG Academy.”
  3. You may use TKMG Academy’s supplementary materials that accompany courses (e.g., handouts, templates, and worksheets) to inspire the development of your own learning and improvement aids without attribution to TKMG Academy. But you may not remove TKMG Academy copyright notices and logos from Licensed Content that is substantially similar to the Licensed Content provided in TKMG Academy courses.