About TKMG Academy

1. What’s TKMG Academy’s purpose, vision, mission, and values?

Our Purpose – We exist to help leaders and improvement professionals achieve outstanding business results—while creating a workplace where every person, no matter their level of education or job title, can become the best version of themselves and grow to their fullest potential.

Our Vision – TKMG Academy is the premier online learning choice for business performance improvement, operations management, and leadership development.

Our Mission – To provide effective and compelling content delivered by business performance improvement instructors with deep experience, at an accessible price for people across the globe.

Our Values – The number one TKMG Academy value is respect—for every person. We recognize the diversity in learning styles and needs. We strive to deliver value to every learner, no matter where they are in their journey. And we value continuous improvement—we strive for perfection. We appreciate and actively solicit feedback about our courses, content, instructors, and delivery methods.

2. Why should I choose TKMG Academy?

The TKMG Academy instructors are known for their ability to break complex concepts into easy-to-understand bites. They are also known for their deep experience applying the content we teach in real-world client settings. All of our instructors have been doing this work for a decade or more, providing them with depth and breadth of real-life experience to share with the learners.

At TKMG Academy we are relentless students, who present the latest in business performance improvement to our learners. We’ve spent years studying – reading, writing and refining the business improvement practices. Our on-camera instructors bring the reality of improvement methods to life. And our content has been researched, practiced, updated, and re-validated to ensure it is the best-known content to date.

3. Who benefits from Academy courses?

TKMG Academy is an ideal fit for business leaders and improvement professionals who are looking for fast, actionable advice that can create immediate results for their organizations.

Our courses are geared both to beginners and seasoned professionals alike. Whether you’re a seasoned improvement pro who’d like the latest take on some of the fundamentals, you’re new to improvement and are just beginning to learn process design how-to’s, or a senior leader who wants to learn how to transform an entire organization, we’re confident you’ll get a lot from our courses.

4. What’s the Academy’s learning philosophy?

The Academy courses are geared toward cognitive learning that ranges from general awareness to deeper understanding about:

  • Principles, concepts, and terminology
  • Why, when, where, and how to apply various concepts and management practices
  • The benefits of and potential barriers to successful adoption of those concepts and management practices

Skill and capability development occurs when learners apply cognitive learning in real-world work environments. It generally takes significant practice to build proficiency with any new skill.

Online and in-person classroom learning are excellent delivery models for cognitive learning. Skill development and achieving measurable results occurs separately.

TKMG, Inc.—our consulting/coaching/facilitation firm—is available to help you achieve the latter. For more information, contact us at info@tkmg.com.

5. How do I learn about Academy news and offers?

The most reliable way to learn about new courses is to subscribe to our list. We send notices to all subscribers the moment new courses are available.

We also announce new courses and other offerings on our social platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Connect with us on any or all sites to keep up to date! You may also want to bookmark our site.

6. What are TKMG Academy’s policies for protecting my information?

We take our customers’ privacy very seriously and follow those GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Protection Act) guidelines that apply to us. Our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Cookies Policy are available on our website footer on all of our pages.