Organizations have problems and people at every level are expected to be able to solve them. But HOW an organization solves problems, and identifies the root causes, is critical.

In this course, Karen Martin teaches better problem solving by asking the right questions. She takes learners through the steps of the proven problem-solving method PDSA: Plan-Do-Study-Adjust.

Whether organizations need game-changing countermeasures or just minor adjustments, consistent, scientific problem solving provides the answer. Karen’s passion for defining and identifying gaps in performance energizes the course’s 13 lessons.

Each of our courses is broken into 5-10 minute lessons. The uninterrupted viewing time for this course is 60 minutes (or 1 hour). We recommend you download the handouts prior to beginning the course.

Licenses are valid for one learner only and are not transferable. Access to a course never expires.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to identify problems
  • How to scientifically address them
  • Ways to engage individuals and leaders in problem solving
  • How to identify root causes


What You’ll Earn

Knowledge. Respect. Credibility. Recognition.

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Course Preview