Building deep problem-solving capabilities is arguably an organization’s most urgent developmental need. These capabilities aren’t developed in a classroom; they’re developed through real-world problem solving with an experienced coach at a problem solver’s side. Teaching others to become better problem solvers can be the most fulfilling work you’ve ever done.

In this course, Karen Martin covers the role of the coach in developing people to become proficient problem solvers, the skills and traits that are necessary, the role of the problem-solving A3 report, and ways to manage coaching sessions. She uses a real-world example to illustrate the relationship between coach and problem solver and specific coaching techniques.

Each of our courses is broken into 5-10 minute lessons. The uninterrupted viewing time for this course is 84 minutes. We recommend you download the handouts prior to beginning the course.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Common obstacles to effective problem solving
  • Mindsets and behaviors that boost problem solving
  • The essential roles problem-solving coaches play
  • Specific coaching techniques
  • The A3 Report: What it is, what it’s not, and how it’s used most effectively
  • How to spread learning, one problem-solving cycle at a time


What You’ll Earn

Knowledge. Respect. Credibility. Recognition.

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